Oberzerod farm
Farm holidays in Alto Adige
/ Südtirol

A warm Welcome

To have some holidays at our farm in St. Vigil near Siusi allo Sciliar / Seis am Schlern is inseparably combined with love for nature and our animals. That’s why we stake our all on the natural power of local materials and sustainable products, here, where you can smell in the air both easing and freedom, peace and adventure, relaxation and summit happiness. It does not matter if we are in the woods, or on the meadows, in garden or in the cowshed – we live and love the simplicity of the daily farm events. And that is what our guest are going to feel too.

Endless carefree days and happiness feelings: as farmers and hosts at the family-run farm Oberzerod-Hof we assess the value of a natural life and we want to create farm memories together with our guests, that are going to make them smile and accompany them a long time. Experience the nature from the first moment in a safe haven, where rural culture and enormous mountain panorama melt in each other, and a wonderful feeling of freedom is going to pervade you. A time out at our farm in Alto Adige / Südtirol can be so wonderful.


come & be happy

There are so many things to do and to see at our family-run farm and around it, but -especially- there is time. Time to forget the daily life and to dive into the nature. Near the daily farm duties, relaxed and adventurous, wondering across the meadows, hiking on majestic mountain tops, or skiing on the perfect groomed slopes of the Alpe di Siusi / Seiser Alm. Here it is possible to recharge and find some happiness in so many ways – and in every season.


our flats

Nature outside. Nature inside. Wooden floors from local woods, natural materials, chosen colours, fresh mountain air and the most beautiful view to the Sciliar/ Schlern.  In the holiday flats in our farm in Siusi allo Sciliar / Seis am Schlern everything was carefully chosen. Come and see yourself!

  • Energetic place with dolomites view

    There are some places where you can simply feel: here I feel safe, here I can be myself. Our farm in Siusi allo Sciliar / Seis am Schlern is just such a place. Direct near the woods and with view to the Sciliar/ Schlern our farm is the perfect starting point for sporty tours around the area and on the Alpe di Siusi / Seiser Alm the whole year. A home to relax, to put down roots and to let your hair down. It doesn’t matter if it is winter or summer, here every day is a new adventure.

Healthy living

We grew up at our farm and we feel connected in a particular way with the nature and its power. It is important for us not only to take care of our meadows, woods, and animals, but also a sustainable and responsible dealings with local resources at home. We handle always thinking about the environment.
Natural materials, local larch- and spruce- wood, natural colours, soft fabrics, and regional design with modern touch reflect our homeland Alto Adige / Südtirol. We -as farmer family- know very well, that nature is our most valuable good.
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