Nature, our
energetic place

Our heart’s places and favourite activities

Farm holidays in Alto Adige / Südtirol means a new adventure every day. You can enjoy the quietness, that reigns here, you can bake some tasty bread together with Verena, you can watch us milk the cows, you can go skiing on the Seiser Alm or hiking in the dolomite mountains – Siusi allo Sciliar / Seis am Schlern and its surroundings are worth a holiday in every season. There is so much to discover at our farm and around it. That is why we put together our personal tips for you.

Experience around our farm

Our personal highlights in Seis am Schlern

  • Gumperer Weg pathway
    For cool kids

    The Gumperer pathway in Seis at foot of the Schlern massif is meant for all the five senses. On five playful stops the children and their parents go to an exploration tour of the human five senses, touching natural materials, listening to the singing birds, and learning that way something about oneself and the surroundings. Made for children from children.

  • The ruins Hauenstein & Salegg
    Energetical places shrouded in legend

    The historical ruins Hauenstein and Salegg lie at foot of the impressive rock face of the Santner. While in the XII century knights and minnesingers exchange their stories here, nowadays only some spare castle walls show the previous gleam of their historical past. Anyway, there is some mysterious and special strength radiating from both places. Something to experience!

  • Völser Weiher – laghetto di Fiè
    With view to the Schlern

    To keep the feet in the water, enjoying the warming sun – that is what summer feels like at Völser Weiher. You can reach this natural swimming lake, one of the cleanest in Italy, in 15 minutes by car.  For those who are coming to visit us in winter, there is also the possibility to ice-skate on it, if the conditions allow it.

The whole year long

Starting directly from our house, you can choose between light or hard bike tours to discover the Schlern area. The tour network of the bike region Seiser Alm/Val Gardena has 600 kilometres bike tracks on two different elevations. Whoever needs a snack after a long day on the bicycle, can order a tradition “Marende” to enjoy directly in the flat. Let us know!

Playing golf
Tee-off with a view

The alpine 18-holes golf course in St. Vigil Seis is one of the most beautiful in Südtirol and lies in the immediate vicinity of our farm. Here you can be sometimes distracted by the Dolomites’ view. This 60-hectare golf course with picturesque ponds, gorges and long fairways is open from March to Nevember for you to play.

Winter on the
Seiser Alm

181 kilometres slopes   – 50 mountain huts   – 79 lifts – 80 km cross-country courses   – 60 km trails

A winter holiday on the Seiser Alm means the most beautiful ski holiday, perfect slopes condition for beginner as well as for skilled skiers, dream-like slopes, comfortable horse open-sleigh rides, funny sledge rides and “Kaiserschmarrn” and “Apfelstrudel” in the rustic mountain huts – and last but not least unique views on the snow-covered mountain UNESCO world heritage of the Dolomites. It sounds like a winter fairy-tale, that one must experience, right? We think so.

Summer holidays
on the Seiser Alm

450 km trails – 50 mountain huts – 4 via ferrata (fixed rope route) – 600 km bike-trails

Flowering meadows, smell of hay, sunshine and so much time to be happy. Just be honest, this season is just particularly beautiful at the farm as well as on the Seiser Alm. This is the moment when the nature shows its colourful and breath-taking diversity. You will be pleased by big adventures, wonderful and well-marked trails, rest at cosy mountain huts, high dolomites peaks and action-packed bike tours. The picturesque landscape of Europe’s largest alpine pasture is there to be discovered on foot or by bike. You will come back to us at the farm with a backpack full of emotions and pure peak happiness.

Relax at our farm

Pure water flows from the Schern

At the Oberzerod farm in St. Vigil in Siusi allo Sciliar / Seis am Schlern the water from the pipe flows crystal clear directly coming from the Sciliar / Schlern. This valuable good of the nature is incredible fresh and pure – you will appreciate it under the shower, when you are brushing your teeth, cooking and of course drinking. The reason for this is its source. On its journey to the farm, the water trickles into the ground for more than 100 years through various dolomites stone layer. In this process minerals come off the stones – exactly those minerals are the reason for the fresh alpine taste of our spring water.  Are you already thirsty?

Relax and let it go

Make space for quiet – sometimes it is more important as we may think. On holiday at our farm, you will have this time, finally, time to breathe, time to be in the very present moment, in an inspiring place. You can start in the morning with a barefoot walk on the dewy grass, listening to the singing birds and taking some breaths of this fresh mountain air. It is going to activate your circulatory system, to strength your immune system and to improve your body feeling.

Feel nature

Soft grass under your feet, clear mountain air in your nose and warm sunrays on your face. The ones that are looking for a quiet place are going to find room and space in our garden, to just read a book or to enjoy the impressive panorama on the Sciliar massif.

There you can also find the herbs garden we created for you. Our ancestors already knew very well the value and the power of those plants. Starting from basil and sage, through parsley and chives and coming to rosemary and thyme – our mountain climate gives our plants an intense aroma and strong blooming colours. Do you know what is the best of it? You can help yourself as you like in our lovingly well-kept herbs garden and use the herbs for your creations!



If the sun does not shine

Most of the days we can enjoy the sun in Siusi allo Sciliar / Seis am Schlern. If it rains or snows outside for once, you will appreciate to have a cosy place to stay or some tips about what is worth being seen. Because sometimes are exactly those rainy days, that are going to surprise you and give you the opportunity to see our farm in South Tyrol, and the whole region from a completely different perspective. We can bake some bread together or make some “Knödel”. Whom wants to make a small trip, we recommend the most interesting museums, historical castles, exiting exhibitions, wine tasting sessions, or one of the weekly markets in the area.

Enjoying life at our farm

Very good

Pure water, clear mountain air, aromatic herbs, and animal products from our farm. That is the way it tastes love for one’s homeland in Alto Adige / Südtirol.

Grandma Bernadette’s heart matter is her garden. Here she grows many vegetables and fruits, that we are going to process together as a family. So you can find for breakfast in the morning, that you can book extra, some home-made jams, tasty eggs, fresh raw milk from our cows and daily fresh bread rolls from our baker’s shop. Face-to-face with the dolomites you can really enjoy all those products.

In the late afternoon the farmer’s families traditionally serve a rustic south tyrolean meal. For „Marende“, that means for us farmers the end of a hard work day, but also a moment to get together, one drinks with pleasure a glass wine eating some speck, South Tyrolean schiacciata “Schüttelbrot”, small smoked salami “Kaminwurzen” and cheese. At request and for an additional charge we are glad to serve you this typical south Tyrolean meal.

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