Farm story

3 Generations with love for the own homeland

The roots of the Oberzerod farm reach more than three centuries back. Our family’s story is inseparable from this wonderful piece of earth for so long already. The knowledge our ancestors transmitted us, the love for details and our down-to-earth attitude distinguish us. We keep the local rural culture alive and at the same time we dare to do something new.

For Verena and her five sisters was the most beautiful thing to grow up at the farm together with many animals. Therefore comes her strong connection to nature and the present belief, the farm life is her real fulfilment. Pleasant, cordial, rooted.

2017 the young landlady took on the farm from her parents Bernadette und Paul and since then she runs it together with her husband Thomas. At the farm on the Sciliar / Schlern plateau – which always subsisted on the dairy industry, a dream came true thru the conversion of the home 2022: a place for encounter and for our family and our children Kevin and Fabian. And for you.

Farm experiences

Together at the farm

Grew up at the farm, every one of us in the family is strongly connected to the nature. At the Oberzerod-farm we can make this connection perceptible for you. Thereby it is a matter of consciously feel the special moments. Moments, that are meant to transmit traditions, moments we spend with our animals and moments that gift us with strength and room for personal development and are going to be remembered in a sustainable way.

Nowadays, living at the farm differs so much from the previous way they used to live. Today we speak more about being together of husband and wife, about young and older people being together, about an harmonical interaction of three generation working, and laughing together as well as learning from each other again and again.

In the morning and in the evening our cows are milked and, in the time in-between, they get fresh grass or dry hay to munch. We keep a little bit of the milk for ourselves, large part of it is going to be collected and delivered daily to the dairy farm, where they are going to process it.

In the early summertime, when the grass is green enough on the Alpe di Siusi / Seiser Alm, we bring our calves out to our pasture, where they can stay enjoying the tasty herbs until autumn begins. Not only cows and cats live here at the Oberzerod farm, but also our happy hens. They provide us the best fresh eggs every single day.

A whole year at the
Oberzerod farm

When the spring shows its full splendour and lets the meadows bloom, it is time for us to begin our work in garden. Then, as soon as the grass in the meadows is high enough, it is time for us to start haymaking and the calves must be brought to the pasture on the Seiser Alm. That is the place they can enjoy all summer long.

When autumn follows the summer, the mountain air is becoming clearer and clearer, and the trees are going to wear their colourful dress, it is time for the last haymaking of the year. The calves come back to the farm in St. Vigil, a small part of the village Seis, and the harvest begins. Now it is time to pick apples, plums, pears, cherries, apricots and berries, to make jams and juices. Potatoes and cabbages are going to be stored and we enjoy the sensation to know, our hard work for months comes to fruition.

During the winter, when the nature rests, we calm also down: it is time for the woodwork and the preparation of all the machines for the next spring, that is sure coming.

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